Muncie and the surrounding region of Delaware County – known applicably as “Middletown America” –  was once considered the quintessential American small city.

But decades of economic decline have left the region in crisis: widespread poverty affects 23% of adults and 32% of child residents. Likewise, food insecurity – defined by the USDA as not having access to enough food for an active, healthy life – affects 17% of adults and 25% of children. This is especially troubling for youth in the community, who require adequate nutrition to grow, learn and develop into successful citizens.

The Muncie Food Hub Partnership seeks to nourish and strengthen the Muncie community through the robust exchange of fresh, affordable local food. MFPH manifests that investment in East Central Indiana food production through business development, education, and civic engagement.

The food hub specific objectives are:

  • expand markets for local growers
  • increase community-wide availability of fresh, affordable, local foods
  • provide the next generation of students with critical training in food systems skills
  • boost economic development and prosperity through job creation and exchange of goods in the East Central Indiana region

Read more about the food hub and recent activities on our Blog.

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