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Thanks to health magazines and other media outlets, consumers interact with a world of nutrition fads that can seem confusing and even controversial. To combat the confusion, Muncie Food Hub Partnership compiled this mini database of reliable nutrition and cooking resources for the Muncie community. If you are looking to increase your nutrition knowledge or further your cooking skills, please explore the topics listed below! Note: None of the resources linked in this database were produced by the Muncie Food Hub Partnership.


food-label-readersNutrition Basics

Nutrition is an important part of personal health. While “eating right” can be an overwhelming goal, increasing your knowledge of basic nutrition and making little changes can have a big impact. Explore the links in this section to learn about dietary guidelines, reading food labels, and more!


The nutrients your body needs are the foundation of a balanced diet and better overall wellbeing. Making an effort to take care of your health starts with understanding these nutrients and the foods they come from. Explore the links in this section to learn more about key nutrients!

dietitian-screen-shotNutrition Resources

It seems like everywhere we look—TV commercials, magazines, the internet—there’s a new “nutrition craze” or “fad diet.” With all this information floating around, it can be confusing to know where to turn for reliable, evidence-based nutrition information. Explore the links in this section to find reliable online resources and to connect to local programs and dietitians!

nutrition-phone-photoInteracting with Nutrition

Nutrition apps are a great way to watch what you eat and learn about small changes you can make to be healthier. Nutrition games are fun for both kids and adults—play them with your kids to learn more about healthy choices together. Explore the links in this section to find free apps and free online games that allow you to interact with nutrition in exciting ways!



Cooking Basicssteampunk chef

Making a recipe from scratch can be intimidating if you’re new to cooking, but it doesn’t have to be. The reward of sharing a home cooked meal with friends and family is worth the time and effort, even if it means stepping outside of your comfort zone. Explore the links in this section to find tips and equipment that can help you feel more comfortable in the kitchen!

RecipesGravy A la Andy

Choosing the right recipe is the first step toward a healthy meal. Whether you’re new to the kitchen or a seasoned home chef, tasting different dishes is always fun. Explore the links in this section to find compilations of recipes that are both healthful and tasty!

Eating on a Budgetgrocery-bag-e1531158400511.jpg

Advertisements and fitness bloggers can make it seem like a healthy diet can’t be achieved without paying for the latest “superfood” or expensive supplement, but that simply isn’t true. Eating well on a budget is possible with a little extra effort and knowledge. Explore the links in this section to learn about reading price tags, shopping in season, and more!

Food Safety at Homecutting boards

Food poisoning doesn’t just come from restaurants, it can also come from foods prepared in your own kitchen if you aren’t careful. Because of this, it’s important to know how to keep you and your family safe when cooking at home. Explore the links and videos in this section to learn about everyday food safety!

Leftovers, Food Waste, and $avingsleftovers

When produce and other groceries spoil and go to waste, it is a direct loss of money. Planning ahead when grocery shopping and properly storing food to extend its lifespan can help prevent this. Explore the links in this section to learn more about these topics as well as food preservation techniques like canning and freezing!





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