Leftovers, Food Waste, and $avings

When produce and other groceries spoil and go to waste, it is a direct loss of money. Planning ahead when grocery shopping and properly storing food to extend its lifespan can help prevent this. Explore the links in this section to learn more about these topics as well as food preservation techniques like canning and freezing!

Reducing Food Waste

Explore stopfoodwaste.org!

Understanding Expiration Dates

What to Put Where in the Kitchen

Fruit & Veggie Storage Guide (PDF)

Flexible Recipe for Excess Eggs and Veggies

Muncie Sanitary District – Composting

foodkeepr shopping list (iPhone app)

foodkeepr grocery list (Android app)

Food Preservation Techniques

Canning Basics

Canning Equipment

Troubleshooting While Canning (PDF)

Freezing Basics

Top Tips on Freezing Food

Freezing Vegetables (PDF)

Canning & Freezing Tomatoes (PDF)

Canning & Freezing Apples, Pears, & Stone Fruits (PDF)

Canning & Freezing Berries, Cherries, & Rhubarb (PDF)

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