Interacting with Nutrition

Nutrition apps are a great way to watch what you eat and learn about small changes you can make to be healthier. Nutrition games are fun for both kids and adults—play them with your kids to learn more about healthy choices together. Explore the links in this section to find free apps and free online games that allow you to interact with nutrition in exciting ways!

Free Food & Nutrition Apps

Fooducate (iPhone)

Fooducate (Android)

foodkeepr shopping list (iPhone)

foodkeepr grocery list (Android)

MyFitnessPal (iPhone)

MyFitnessPal (Android)

Calorie Counter Websites and Apps

**If you are trying to decide whether food tracking or the use of calorie counting apps is safe and healthy for you, take a moment to read Food Tracking: A Tale of Choice and Caution. Keep in mind this is only the personal experience of one blogger who is not a nutrition professional, but it is important to think about whether potential negative effects outweigh the benefit of becoming more mindful of what you eat.

Nutrition Games

USDA Choose MyPlate – Games

Alimentarium Academy – Games

Whyville – Snack Shack Game

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