Eating on a Budget

Advertisements and fitness bloggers can make it seem like a healthy diet can’t be achieved without paying for the latest “superfood” or expensive supplement, but that simply isn’t true. Eating well on a budget is possible with a little extra effort and knowledge. Explore the links in this section to learn about reading price tags, shopping in season, and more!

General Information

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics – Eat Right on a Budget (video)

Purdue Extension – Nutrition Education Program (NEP)

Choose MyPlate – Healthy Eating on a Budget

Choose MyPlate – Understand the Price Tag

Choose MyPlate – Smart Shopping for Veggies and Fruits

my Indiana Home – Produce: Shop in Season to Save!

LiveAbout – Get the Most Out of the SNAP EBT Program

Slap Dash Mom – How to Make Food Stamps Last Longer

Budget Recipes

Leanne Brown – Good and Cheap (Free PDF)

Leanne Brown – Bueno y Barato (PDF Gratis)

Beth Moncel – Budget Bytes (website)

Beth Moncel – Budget Bytes (YouTube channel)

Beth Moncel – Budget Bytes (iPhone/Android app)

Erin Chase – $5 Dinners (Recipes and more!)

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