Hults Farm


Hults farm is a student run organic farm. The students sign up for NREM 304 sustainable agriculture, and are given the opportunity to learn practical agricultural skills hands on.  The students learn integrated pest management, permaculture, and other production practices that conserve soil, water, and biological resources.The farm grows over 170 different varieties of produce. The Ball State Student Organic Farm was started with a Discovery Grant, by Jessi Ghezzi, in May, 2016 and has been producing fresh vegetation since. Jessi is an assistant professor of soil sciences at Ball State University.


Quick Stats:

  • 1065 N Mississinewa Ave, Albany, IN 47320

Find Us: 

  • MFHP Mobile Market (tentative)
  • Allegre @ BSU
  • Minnetrista
  • Direct to YOU

Website: Student Farm                                     

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