Current Initiatives

Pursuant to our mission statement, the MFHP follows these objectives:

  • expand markets for local growers and producers
  • increase community-wide availability of fresh and affordable local foods
  • provide the next generation of students with critical training in food systems skills
  • catalyze economic development and prosperity through the exchange of goods and ideas in East Central Indiana

Our current initiatives include:

The 2017 Muncie and Delaware County Food Security Assessment

People are considered food secure when they have adequate access at all times to sufficient, safe, nutritious food to maintain a healthy and active life. In Muncie and Delaware County, one of every four citizens struggles with food insecurity. How can we improve food access for everyone? To answer this question, Muncie Food Hub Partnership began a food security assessment in 2016 with the goal of measuring, analyzing, and displaying food access within our county. Our assessment examines the six basic components identified by the USDA as key indicators of food security within a population. To this end, we conducted focus groups, interviews, food store surveys, secondary data analysis, and GIS data mapping to better understand food access in our area. The maps displayed show some of the results of this research. 

Development and implementation of a mobile produce market

Muncie Food Hub Partnership hopes to expand sales outlets for farmers, nourish our neighbors, and help grow a healthy community with a resilient local food system. One of our efforts toward this goal is to bring fresh, affordable, local food for sale to gathering places in muncie via a mobile market. The mobile market pilot project will serve as proof of concept for a sustainable business model providing local produce to area food deserts. Our goals are:
Goal 1: Increase food security by providing affordable, locally grown fruits and vegetables to residents in Muncie and Delaware County;
Goal 2: Expand outlets for area farmers through sourcing local fresh fruits and vegetables and inventory excess purchasing strategies;
Goal 3: Provide nutrition education and increased food literacy to residents in Muncie and Delaware County.

The mobile market is expected to launch in Spring, 2018. 

Development of a regional food council to shape local food policy and actions

A community food council brings together diverse stakeholders to examine how the local food system operates and provides policy recommendations toward a more equitable and resilient system. At the 2017 Local Food Summit, stakeholders in government, business, agriculture, non-profits, education, and health came together to begin the development of a food council. Would you like to get involved? Make your voice heard by coming to one of our community meetings, volunteering, or or sending your feedback. For more information, check out our facebook page!

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