A little taste of summer in January

The questionable days of a 60 degree December have given way to subzero wind chills and icy snow days. Winter is undeniably upon us.

Now that anticipation of the holidays is over, many Midwesterners pine for the warmth of spring, the sweetness of summer.

Well, what’s in your freezer?


A little bit of planning (and freezer space) can keep you eating healthy and local year-round, including those party flavors of summer. Ratatouille with summer squash and zucchini? Yup. Eggplant parmesan? You bet. And some locally sourced green beans almandine will surely impress guests during the holidays!

Of course, eating this good comes with some sacrifice; those awesome IN melons won’t freeze too well unless you get a little creative – gazpacho, anyone?

Pinterest has LOTS of ideas for frozen meals that can not only freeze time, but make your deferred meal prep a whole lot faster!

Speaking of freezing time, a freezer is the only way to preserve the nutrient quality of fresh food for long periods of time. Not only will you get to enjoy exclusive summer flavors, you’ll get all the health perks you already love about local food!

It may be too late to stretch 2017 harvest veggies, but check out some online inspiration and start planning for next year!

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