Refrigeration Station!

We hope everyone’s summer has been going well and everyone has been staying cool! This season has been very productive as we are getting the food hub refrigeration unit ready!  The food hub received the container which needed to be sanded, pressure washed, flex sealed, and finally painted. The interns worked quickly and efficiently to get this task done. Pictured below are the interns applying white enamel paint on the container to improve the resistance from the fierce summer solar rays that our farmer’s plants love so much!  IMG_0400
Much research went into investigating the appropriate materials and equipment needed to properly prepare the container. Research included how to remedy rust and how to sand and clean the container before painting. Once we had a plan in place we went out to the site and began work. Pressure washing was needed to clean the surface of the container prior to painting. It was raining a lot that day so not only did we have the pressure washer, but we also had nature washing the container for us as well. The pressure washer did a wonderful job as the unyielding force of the water collided with the dirt without resistance. The caked on dirt just simply melted away.  IMG_0386
Here, one of the interns’ paints over the old logo of the container. One can see a stark difference between the old and new paint. The enamel paint does an excellent job in penetrating the old base layer on the container and adhering to the structure. Ladders were used to paint the very top trim and eventually the interns climbed on top of the container to lay down an especially thick coat of paint.  Needless to say not only did the container get painted but the interns inadvertently painted themselves!IMG_0404
Now all that remains to be done to the container is to incorporate some air conditioning units to keep the structure cool. Enamel white paint was chosen for the container for its properties of fending off the temperatures and secondly for the brilliant reflective shine when dried. Inside of the container we will be installing lights, air conditioners, CoolBots, dehumidifiers, and shelves for the food. The floor is corrugated to allow for ease of cleaning and will also allow for draining.IMG_0383We look forward to our next blog post as we continue work on the food hub and mobile market. We have a lot of ideas in the plans ahead and we are excited to share them with you, our readers, with our next blog post!

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