Mobile and Ready to Roll!

We all hope everyone’s summer has been going well. We know ours has!  After the container was scrubbed and polished clean, we tackled the bathroom facilities to meet health and safety standards! We installed shoe molding around the bases of the floorboards, and caulked and sealed any open spaces to make the bathrooms watertight. A chop saw was used to cut molding to fit the bathroom, and was hammered in place with caulking the boards to complete the job.

Cabinets for the bathroom were purchased so toilet paper, hand towels, and soap could be stored.  Assembling the cabinets was relatively easy. Below, our interns can be seen constructing the cabinets.


Laurynn putting  toilet paper away in one of the newly constructed cabinets.


Scrubbing down a  rescued and re-purposed fridge, as shown below, was essential for the storage of our produce while the container awaits for the arrival of air conditioners to be installed.


We also just received our first shipment of produce from our farmers at Spanglers, and Stan Ross for our first Costumers at OpenDoor!  Peppers, corn, onions, potatoes, cabbage, fresh basil, green beans, cherry tomatoes, and zucchini were all available!  We will be getting in more delicious vegetables, (and maybe even some juicy peaches!) as the growing season progresses so stop by and see us! 




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