New Locations, New Friends.

The food hub has continued to serve local residents and sell a lot of produce!  We recently added Muncie Power Products to our selling locations! Come on by and see us as we provide the community with healthy, wholesome, delicious, and affordable vegetables! If you haven’t checked out our recipe page on our website you need to take a gander! Recipes are essential for any home cooked, scrumptious meal, and we have combed through to acquire some exquisite ones!

Here are some of our finely selected zucchini!


Put some of our cabbage in your baggage and have a tasty meal for when you get home!  We even have a cabbage recipe in the nutrition section!


Why did the tomato go out with the prune?  Because it couldn’t find a date. Luckily our tomatoes all find their dates with you on your dinner plates!  These tomatoes are full of flavor!


Want to spice up your life with some hot peppers?  We have them ready for you to add some extra pizazz to your dishes!


Try our red potatoes to create some potato salad!  These will be delicious also as a side dish with some garlic butter over the top with parsley and green chives.  Yum!


Who doesn’t like the fresh earthy scent of basil?  Excellent for do it yourself pizzas and spaghetti recipes!


The Muncie food hub is honored to serve the public with these delicious vegetables and we plan on doing more visits at our locations throughout the season.  So, please, stop by and take a look at what we can offer to you!


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